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Montgomery Rabbit

by Sandy Little (Goodreads Author), David Wenzel (Illustrations)
Adventures and mysteries await a young lop-eared rabbit when he accidentally falls through a hole in an old white fence.

With no way back to his shady, comfortable yard, Montgomery sets out to explore the world beyond. Along the way, he meets a field rabbit named Bentley, and the two are off in search of a legendary raspberry patch. Their mission is treacherous, and Montgomery will come face-to-face with predators he's never known before - coyotes, hawks, and even a rattlesnake! But the two rabbits find that by helping each other and by accepting the help of a few new friends, they just might reach their treasure: a patch of juicy red raspberries!

Montgomery and Bentley's adventure is one of danger, excitement, and self-discovery, as the rabbits learn important life lessons and discover a friendship to last a lifetime.

My little green umbrella book

My Little Green Umbrella

by Sandy Little (Goodreads Author), Tom Lintern (Illustrator)

Book summary: When a young girl finds a very special green umbrella in a thrift shop, she soon finds a world of adventure at her fingertips. But as she grows older, the magical umbrella and its wonders are put away in the back of a closet…only to be rediscovered years later.

A heartwarming tribute to the power of imagination, My Little Green Umbrella is sure to be a favorite with young and old readers.


My Little Green Umbrella is such a heartwarming, whimsical, cozy read for children about a little girl who gets an umbrella and goes on many magical, imaginative adventures with it until she grows up and puts it away. A young boy then finds the umbrella and has many magical adventures too. But yet again, the umbrella gets put away as the boy grows older. One day the girl, who's now an old lady, finds the umbrella again and reminisces on her adventures with her son (the boy).

This book transported me back to my childhood with the beautiful, whimsical illustrations and delightful tale

Edit: my four-year-old has now requested rereads of this book. So it gets the PreK stamp of approval.

I received an advanced copy of this children’s book through NetGalley.
My Little Green Umbrella is a story of imagination and focuses on how an everyday object is not only useful but can encourage imaginative play through generations

This is a very sweet little story about the magic of a child's imagination and the joy our childhood items can bring us and others. This story reminded me greatly of my childhood favorites, some of which I still have. While they are worn down and aged in many ways, their love and magic still remain. This story perfectly encompasses those connections and memories in just a few short pages.