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1…Sandy is the Mother of actor Jason James Richter who played Jesse in the beloved free willy movies.

Jason and Sandy are now working together as producers, as Jason continues his acting career.

Sandy Little Author page

2…Sandy met her current husband, Dwight Little, on the set of Free Willy 2. He was the film's director.

Sandy Little Author page
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3…Sandy was an actress for a brief time before managing her son Jason.

4…Sandy had a real lop-eared rabbit named Montgomery and a Mini Rex rabbit named Bentley.

5…The illustrations of Montgomery in Montgomery rabbit are of her very own rabbit.

Sandy Little Author page

6…Sandy’s inspiration for writing Montgomery rabbit came one day while walking the trails in Hidden Hills when a rabbit crossed her path then began to follow her. The rabbit was much like the rabbit that would come to visit her in her Grandfather’s raspberry patch.

7…Sandy’s inspiration for My Little Green Umbrella came from a childhood memory of her very own Green Umbrella. She did indeed climb pear trees, but does not claim to have floated down from the tree and advises that you do not either.


8…Sandy’s father banned her from climbing the pear tree once he discovered she had been eating the pears and had an allergic reaction. Having been restricted to the front yard; she imagined she could sail the high seas in her green umbrella.


9..Sandy is an award-winning pie baker. She is best known for her key Lime pie, which is loved by family and friends.

Jackson Little
Jackson Little
Her cute pug Dexter
Her cute pug Dexter
Natty Knocks premiere 6/30/23 <br>Sandy & Dwight
Natty Knocks premiere 6/30/23
Sandy & Dwight